For iPhone 14 2 in 1 Metal Frame Frosted Phone Case with Lens Film(Transparent Purple)

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1. Thin to 0.3mm, more real bare metal feel.
2. The edge is 0.3mm higher, shock absorption and buffer, strong protection
3. The keys are easy to press, effectively prolonging the life of the keys, which is comparable to the bare metal pressing feel.
4. Made of PC material, sturdy and durable.
5. Comes with glass lens film, one-piece molding, all-inclusive protection.
6. The shape is simple, leaving a pure and comfortable impression to everyone.
7. Fully protect the device from normal scratches, dirt, tears and wear.
8. All buttons and ports are easy to use.
9. Elegant and stylish design to give your phone a new look.

Note: The actual product is subject to the title model, and the picture model is for reference only.
Compatible with
Apple:  iPhone 14
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.04kgs / 0.10lb
Qty per Carton 600
Carton Weight 26.00kgs / 57.32lb
Carton Size 50cm * 42cm * 42cm / 19.69inch * 16.54inch * 16.54inch
Loading Container 20GP: 302 cartons * 600 pcs = 181200 pcs
40HQ: 701 cartons * 600 pcs = 420600 pcs