For iPhone 14 Color Butterfly Glitter Epoxy TPU Phone Case(Green)

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1.Fashion and creative printing, fresh literature and art
2.Light and comfortable, smooth to the touch
3.TPU soft material, soft and elastic, easy to install and disassemble, not hurt the machine
4.All-inclusive anti-fall, close-fitting machine, effective protection of Your Love Machine
5.Precise hole position, easy access to all buttons and ports, to provide you with smooth operation

Note: The actual product is subject to the title model, the model machine of the picture is only for effect reference.
Compatible with
Apple:  iPhone 14
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.03kgs / 0.06lb
One Package Size 16.5cm * 8.3cm * 1cm / 6.5inch * 3.27inch * 0.39inch
Qty per Carton 200
Carton Weight 6.00kgs / 13.23lb
Carton Size 45cm * 22cm * 34cm / 17.72inch * 8.66inch * 13.39inch
Loading Container 20GP: 792 cartons * 200 pcs = 158400 pcs
40HQ: 1839 cartons * 200 pcs = 367800 pcs