For iPhone 14 Crocodile Top Layer Cowhide Leather Phone Case (Brown)

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1. Made of top layer cowhide and TPU material, it can work for a long time.
2. Fully protect the device from normal scratches, dirt, tears and wear.
3. The stable stand allows you to make hands-free video calls, reading or watching movies, freeing your hands and improving work efficiency.
4. 2 card slots and 1 cash compartment to store your credit card, cash or small notes for everyday needs.
5. Easy access to all ports and buttons without removing the cover.
6. RFID shielding prevents others from maliciously reading and stealing your personal information.
Compatible with
Apple:  iPhone 14
Material Genuine Leather
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.09kgs / 0.20lb
Qty per Carton 160
Carton Weight 15.10kgs / 33.29lb
Carton Size 34cm * 32cm * 30cm / 13.39inch * 12.6inch * 11.81inch
Loading Container 20GP: 816 cartons * 160 pcs = 130560 pcs
40HQ: 1896 cartons * 160 pcs = 303360 pcs